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Dark Soul release date is three days of March 24, 2016

Zelkyr wore ornate orange robes over his yellow-tipped teal feathers. The cloth glittered in the solar orb’s light, a subtle enchantment woven into the fabric that reminded Iskar of the sky at sunrise. In his right hand, the high sage clutched Rukhmar’s Tail. Intricate gold filigree spiraled around the scepter. From the end dangled three long tendrils of sizzling fire.

Dark soul three will be released in Japan on March 24, 2016 the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to the game’s Web site. Physical retail copy of the game will provide exclusive maps and official soundtrack sales, give people a good reason to go to the store to buy a hard copy of the game. Although no date for the PC version or Western version, Gematsu say that these dates are expected to be coming in the near future.

Although people on the west coast may have to wait some time to play Diablo III soul, from the software hosting server test October 16 – available on this site who are interested to apply for 18 until October 4 it’s all in Japanese, but, when this shake dedicated video game fans? Bandai Namco said before that dark soul III will take up some story from the previous game, provided some sense final. This will not be the last game of the series, however.

Ethan Carter Redux disappeared quietly released a PC

Ethan Carter’s disappearance was a surprise when it launched on the PC last year. The graphics are incredibly gorgeous, but the main attraction is exploring the red valley solve puzzles and discover their dark secret. A few months ago, the developer of the astronauts brought their championship PlayStation 4, in order to facilitate the port, the team upgrade from Unreal Engine 3 game to Unreal Engine 4, and now they have brought the disappearance of Ethan update Version Carter PC.

Unofficial named Ethan Carter Redux disappear update their extensive use of all of the Unreal engine provided 4. With its place, they can migrate to the new platform for the future, as well as an existing Xbox, Mac and Linux game easier. Change in the engine also promoted the inclusion of other new features.

The Ultimate Edition includes a new storage system, thus saving the entire world, when the players began to move. In the past, if the player does not complete a section of the puzzle, they will simply quit and return to play after recovery. New areas of flow in a more elegant way to handle. Before running into a new area may cause the game to “freeze” a perceptible few seconds. This should be all but eliminated now.

One complaint, in the disappearance of Ethan Carter often just throw it back in time is annoying. The astronauts who think they have solved the problem, and adjust other parts, does not affect their vision. The story itself does not change. There are no new secrets to uncover or Easter eggs. The game Ultimate Edition owners will find new links in their GOG or Steam library. Anyone who bought a copy from here on out will receive the two versions.


If you’ve been eagerly awaiting your chance to get your hands Devilian even just a test phase, your wait is over. At least, it’s over, if you purchase the appropriate level of the Founder of the package of the game: alpha test has begun, and all holders of obsidian layer to start the download, now play the game.

Holder of the lower layer can wait further progress or silver or gold to upgrade. There’s a long test period for the game to continue without words, though this is mainly because the positioning of the problem, the test phase can be short. It all depends on how to test if you are representing one of the founders level, you can find for yourself.

Castles are not friendly places for the frail, Cressen was reminded as he descended the turnpike stairs of Sea Dragon Tower. Lord Stannis would be found in the Chamber of the Painted Table, atop the Stone Drum, Dragonstone’s central keep, so named for the way its ancient walls boomed and rumbled during storms. To reach him they must cross the gallery, pass through the middle and inner walls with their guardian gargoyles and black iron gates, and ascend more steps than Cressen cared to contemplate. Young men climbed steps two at a time; for old men with bad hips, every one was a torment. But Lord Stannis would not think to come to him, so the maester resigned himself to the ordeal. He had Pylos to help him, at the least, and for that he was grateful.

Huge Economic Changes On The Horizon For Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Adventurine today took to the official Darkfall: Unholy Wars forums to introduce the community to the update they claim to be the ‘largest in scope and importance’ in the games history. The expansion is heavily focused on balancing and reinvigorating the in-game economy, once again giving players a reason to explore the great outdoors in order to collect resources and upgrade materials.

The second focus of the update is to once again restore the element of Full Loot to its former glory. The developers want players to be excited when they create a high level weapon to use in battle, but they also want them to be scared to lose it and feel pain when they do lose it.

Some of the key elements the developers want to achieve

It addresses the issue of people having “full banks” filled with either resources, gear, or both.
It levels the playing field between old characters and newer characters, especially between those who managed to accumulate wealth from frowned-upon methods, and the hard-working “savers”.
It addresses the complicated recipes required to craft everything.
It makes the environment more dangerous and the PvE encounters quicker but much harder.
It speeds up instant travel which will result in finding fights faster.
It introduces the new inventory system, aimed to improve the QoL of all players, and makes inventory operations faster and more intuitive.
It addresses character advancement through prowess as well as the acquisition of Dominion required by clans to have fun.



Greetings adventurers of Nexus! As we prepare for an influx of new arrivals on our legendary planet, we want to say thank you to those pioneers who have joined us through this first year of exploration and beyond.

For the loyal subscribers who have maintained a subscription from WildStar’s official launch on June 3rd, 2014 until the Free-to-Play launch, we will award this exclusive Ikthian Crawler mount, an exclusive DJ Caretaker housing décor item, a Disco Snoglug companion pet, a new housing music track, four months of Signature service, and two new titles: “Living Legend” and “Nexus Loyalist”!

If you missed out on launch but you’re a current subscriber and maintain your subscription through transition to Free-to-Play, you will still receive the DJ Caretaker housing décor item, the Disco Snoglug companion pet, the new housing music track, four months of Signature service, and the “Nexus Loyalist” title.

If you’re not a subscriber today, don’t worry! If you subscribe by June 15th, 2015 and maintain it through our Free-to-Play launch you will receive the DJ Caretaker housing décor item, the Disco Snoglug companion pet, the new housing music track, four months of Signature service and the ‘’Nexus Loyalist’ title.

All WildStar players will be part of our new Loyalty Program. We’ll reveal more details on the Loyalty Program in the near future.

Age of Wushu Dynasty Debuts at ChinaJoy 2015, Launched on iOS Appstore Today

Snail Games’ popular martial art MMOPRG Age of Wushu has been adapted to mobile platfrom named Age of Wushu Dynasty. After 2 closed beta tests, Snail Games brought it to ChinaJoy 2015 and announced it is officially launched on iOS App store today. Age of Wushu Dynasty is slated for a later release in NA this year.

Developed by Snail Game in house game engine Flexi, Age of Wushu Dynasty follows in the footsteps of PC title Age of Wushu, throwing players into a cut-throat martial arts underworld known as “Jianghu”. The developer adjusts some of the gameplay mechanics to optimize for mobile devices and tries to create the same feel as Age of Wushu on the mobile platform.

Battle System

Age of Wushu Dynasty uses unique “Real Move, Deceptive Move, Parry” battle system. Real move can counter Deceptive Move, Deceptive Move can break the Parry and Parry can defend Real Move. The cycle likes a sort of rock-paper-scissors system. Besides, in the mobile version, after parrying, the character will also strike back the enemy. And there is a SuperArmor setting, which prevent unlimited attack when the network is bad.

Age of WuShu Dynasty


The graphic design inherits from PC version. Although it can’t switch the character view, the overall level belongs to the forefront in mobile field.

Core Contents

Currently, the mobile version only offers 3 Janghu factions in 2nd Beta. But the players can still experience the classical martial art contents, like Flying Skill and Rage Skill. Besides, there are many game modes for players to choose from, included Book Scramble, Faction War, Espionage and Patol. Of course, there’s classical Random Encounter system.


Remembering Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Online

Like many mmo gamers, I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I grew up watching the original series way back in the day when they were heavily syndicated, and my family would always catch their movies at the local theater. While my personal favorite character will always be Captain Kirk, I had a soft spot for Spock, the emotion-repressed Vulcan that somehow spoke to our inner humanity. Leonard Nimoy created such an amazing persona in Spock, and all of us were richer for it. When I heard about his death, I did what many of you probably did: call up friends to discuss how another piece of our childhood was gone. A popular way to honor his memory was to sit down and watch a marathon of Star Trek episodes, which I did, but I also decided to honor his memory by logging into Star Trek Online and boldly explore where no man had gone before. Let’s quaff some Romulan ale as I discuss remembering Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Online.

The Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy connection has been there since the beginning. The opening cutscene of the game is narrated by him, and it should give players some goose bumps hearing his voice as they’re ushered into the virtual realm of STO. He was the first actor associated with Star Trek that lent his voice to the game. Most players know him by his congratulations when you level up. However, he was also a small part in a mission within the game.

My Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy remembrance was twofold. The first part was to replay the Past Imperfect mission that allows players to see Spock onboard the original Enterprise. After completing that mission within the free mmo, I then planned on travelling to Vulcan to see the memorial that Cryptic put up to honor both Leonard Nimoy and his character of Spock.

After a nice few days of catching some Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, especially A Piece of the Action (Spocko!), I logged into Star Trek Online and fired up the Past Imperfect mission. This mission features time travel, which is done by going through the Guardian of Forever (as seen in City On the Edge of Forever). The goal is to rescue Miral Paris, who has been abducted by Klingons. It seems that the main Klingon villain wants to rewrite history, which means that the Federation will no longer exist in the present time. Once the player goes through the portal, they go back in time and have to engage a number of Klingon ships that are attacking the original Enterprise. I practically had a nerdgasm as I got to fight next to the Enterprise and lay waste to Klingon ships. At the end of the battle, Spock communicates with your ship (which you don’t respond to in order to not disrupt time). While it’s very short when you hear Spock talking to you, it does give my Trek heart a thrill when it happens.

I do have to make note about the space battles in that mission. My character had leveled quite a bit using alternative methods (such as the Duty Officer system and doing a lot of the Christmas event activities), so I had a new ship and brand new gear. Normally I hold my own during space combat, but I admit that I got my butt kicked hard. It seemed that I was always facing three ships, and their opening salvo would completely destroy my forward shields. I honestly lost track of the number of times I died during the mission. At one point, my ship would respawn in a middle of a pack of five D7 cruisers. Needless to say, my life expectancy was counted in seconds. I don’t know if the difficulty was ramped up because I was replaying the mission or if I was just really unfamiliar with my ship.

After raging at my pitiful space combat prowess, I headed to Vulcan to visit the Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy memorial. The mmorpg has erected a statue of Spock where players can come and pay their respects. There are two memorials in the game that you can visit. The one on Vulcan has “Live long and prosper” displayed while the statue on New Romulus has “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” I have to say that it’s a fitting memorial to see the monument standing there on the desert world of Vulcan. As I went up to pay my respects, I passed a couple of other gamers who were there to do the same thing. It’s moments like this that keep my coming back to mmo games as they can offer a shared experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

All in all, my Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy remembrance put the final chapter on my own personal memorial to the man. The character of Spock had a profound influence on my life, and it’s obvious that it also impacted the lives of many others as well. He’ll be sorely missed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go watch Amok Time and see Spock go crazy because he needs to mate. Live long and prosper, my friends.

A Look Back at the First Year of SMITE

It’s been a heady year for the Georgia-based Hi-Rez Studios as their SMITE mmo has captured a significant part of the moba market in its first year of release. While some may claim that online gaming is glutted with too many mobas being launched, SMITE has managed to carve out a unique position. The game just celebrated its first year anniversary by having sales on a lot of skins and offering a free gods weekend. How has SMITE charted the perilous waters of moba gaming since it first launched? Let’s take a look back at the first year of SMITE.

It’s been an uphill battle for SMITE. The two big heavyweights in the moba market are League of Legends and Dota 2, each of which is extremely established. The intriguing concept that SMITE did to set itself apart from its competitors was that the players were not playing champions or heroes. No, they were playing something much more powerful – gods. In a world of copycat games, the basic premise that the roster in SMITE is composed of gods taken from historic pantheons made it unique. Another important feature of the game is that it uses a third person perspective, which is different from the normal top-down perspective used in other moba games.

There were quite a number of developments for the first year of SMITE. One of the most important is that the free mmo continued to add new gods on a regular basis. The developers released quite a few new gods to the game such as Bastet, Osiris, Kumbhakarna, Hercules, Rama, Sylvanus, Cabrakan, Janus, Nox, and Kukulkan. Currently, the game features sixty-four different gods for players to choose from. There was an issue with some Hindu leaders who got upset with Hi-Rez for including Hindu gods in the game. They lobbied the game company to remove them entirely, but Hi-Rez stuck to their guns and said that they would be adding even more gods to the game over time.

Keeping players entertained and able to play with friends is a necessity for any online game, especially a moba. SMITE’s first year saw some basic improvements to the game. One was the inclusion of the new Conquest map. A lot of moba games stick with their basic premise and do almost nothing to adapt as time goes on. The Conquest map for SMITE cleaned up the battlefield and introduced some updated visuals for some components, such as the Fire Giant. One of the more important updates to the game happened when the Oceanic servers were added. This meant that players in Australia and New Zealand no longer had to play on the North American or European servers, which means that they can play with others that actually reside in the same approximate time zone. Nothing can kill your joy in a game than logging in and getting to rumble when you get up only to find that most of the friends you’ve made are logging off because they have to go to sleep.

Probably the biggest accomplishment during SMITE’s first year was their world championship held back in January. Hi-Rez initially started the prize pool off at $600,000, but then dedicated proceeds from the game’s cash shop to supplement that amount. By the time that the event rolled around, the prize pool had mushroomed to a staggering $2.6 million, which is more than the League of Legends championship and was the third-highest prize pool for eSports at the time. The winner, Cognitive Prime, took home a cool $1.3 million. Personally, I find this staggering as the game had only been out for less than a single year officially. This just shows the increasing popularity that the game has and is building on. As soon as the world championship was over, SMITE immediately discussed what they were adding to the game, mainly a new god and the new Conquest map. In North America, SMITE ranks as the third most popular moba on the market, grabbing a full sixteen percent of the market share, and that share is increasing.

Lastly, we saw during the first year of SMITE that the moba online rpg was serious about keeping their competition honest. In the buildup to the world championship, it was discovered that two teams colluded with one another to throw a match. Fans that were watching the match became suspicious and contacted Hi-Rez. The admins looked into the situation and the team leaders admitted to the collusion. Hi-Rez quickly disqualified both teams, and suspensions were handed out. While sad that it had to happen, it shows that Hi-Rez is taking the game’s foray into eSports very seriously.

The first year of SMITE has been extremely successful. The moba continues to grab an increasing share of the market, and the developers have released a steady stream of additions to the game. The world championship featured a huge prize pool, which was doubly amazing since the game had not even been officially out a year. It does look like 2015 will continue to be a good year for SMITE as the game is currently porting itself over to the Xbox One console with the beta starting sometime soon. Overall, Hi-Rez must be pleased with what they’ve accomplished by the time of the SMITE one year anniversary.

Global Chat: Being the bad guy

As an MMO enthusiast blog, Massively has always had a special appreciation of the dedicated (and unpaid!) writing that gamers put out on their own blogs every day. Every week there are dozens if not hundreds of terrific posts on MMOs out there, and since I’m the resident loon here who reads pretty much all of them, I decided to start up a biweekly column to point you in the direction of some of the best discussions going on in the blogosphere. We’ll see posts on specific games and general topics, geeky gushings and zany rantings.

For our inagural edition of Global Chat (yes, I’m recycling the name from a long-dormant feature on this site), we’ll take a look at how outfits tie into identity, surviving MMOs as a chicken, a requiem for a gold farmer, and so much more!
1. MMO Gypsy: “Second skin: The perfect MMO gear and impact on long-term commitment”

While Syl won’t argue that identity starts from within, she does make a good point that how we choose to look on the outside reflects how we see ourselves — even in-game. “Clothes can be a powerful catalyst of self-expression, even self-discovery and confidence building,” she writes. “There’s a reason why many actors, especially method actors, require authentic clothing that goes with the character they’re not just playing but becoming. Inner and outer transformation go together.”

2. TweakLOTRO: “Mother Hen’s Chicken Guide”

Life as a chicken in Lord of the Rings Online is tough, but an adventuring chicken? That’s hardcore! Fortunately, we have this extensive guide by Rozalinde to help us through all of the chicken play quests, step-by-step.

“Precious few players have been able to complete Free Range,” Rozalinde said. “You could be one of them!”

3. Why I Game: “GW2: The Gates of Maguuma first impressions”

“At long last, it seems [as if] ArenaNet has worked [its] way towards something good here, through the iterative design of the first season,” Jeromai optimistically begins. He goes on to say that season two actually feels more like the classic mission approach of Guild Wars 1 — and that’s a good thing indeed. Jeromai also gives a big thumbs-up to the new soundtrack added for this update.
4. Lowkey Gaming: “Destiny alpha impressions”

Will Bungie magic strike again? Lowkey Gaming thinks so after poking around in Destiny’s alpha: “Destiny is going to be a huge game, with great control, amazing graphics, and unbeatable fun factor.” Major kudos was given to the game’s gorgeous look and art style, so get ready to screenshot the heck out of this one when it arrives!

5. Occasional Hero: “Do we really want to be the bad guy?”

Rolling a Necromancer in Guild Wars 2 sparked a deep period of soul searching for ChaosConstant. Do people, he wondered, really choose to play a bad guy when given a choice?

“I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that many people might think they would like to indulge their own dark side but in the end wouldn’t actually find it a satisfying experience,” he mused.
6. Healing the Masses: “Wandering about worlds”

What MMO worlds do you really love to explore? Which ones have you hammering on the screenshot button like there’s no tomorrow? J3w3l recalls several of her favorite game worlds, past and present, with a special emphasis on their art: “I play a lot of different genres and a variety within these, but the worlds I always seem to get more enamoured with are the ones from MMOs.”

7. XP Chronicles: “The story of a gold farmer: real supply and demand”

Doone takes the interesting position of standing up for gold farmers, drawing upon a personal story involving a guild mate. Should we be more sympathetic to farmers who are doing such things to stay out of poverty? Doone says yes.

“The gold farmer I knew was working,” Doone writes. “It was a job. Based on his circumstance, he was trying to find a balance between economic stability and enjoying a game with friends. But several things made that impossible, and in the end, we had to choose our economic welfare.”

Exploring Starbound

When I first started playing Terraria, friends told me I should look into a game that was going to be released soon called ‘Starbound’. It focuses on the same basic concepts, a survival type game where you can craft and create in order to ensure you survive, but the game also has a story and quest system behind it, in other words, it’s a sandbox game with themepark aspects for those who get lost in a sandbox.

You start off on a spaceship, lost in space. You can fly around to other planets but eventually you’ll run out of fuel. Before any of that you get to pick a race, I went with a plant type (pictured above). The tutorial teaches you the basics, how to maneuver around, feeding yourself, and the basics to crafting (which I still didn’t pick up on right away). You’re given a few pieces of gear in order to live long enough to get yourself settled. One of my favorite features is the flashlight, go and take that object into a dark cave and shine it around, it’s awesome.

You’re also given an item that lets you interact with the trees and terrain all around you, a manipulator of sorts. You can see me using it above to chop down a tree so that I can create a craft table. Once you’ve got the craft table created, you’re asked to hunt down some of the creatures of the world you happen to be on, and then cook a meal.

I haven’t played very far into the game yet (it did just release yesterday) but so far I can already tell it’s going to be a lot of fun (that’s easy to say, I adore Terraria). I like that there are quests and ‘things to do’ for the times that I’m feeling lost. On that same note, I like the vast openness of the world, and exploring.

There are a lot of these ‘types’ of games coming out lately, but it’s important to note that they also all have their differences. Unlike Trove or Cube World, Starbound and Terraria are 2D and not 3D. Some people are OK with this, others are not. You’ll also have to keep in mind that the game is still in beta, there are patches, bugs, and issues with connecting. It took me two tries to get the game working and each time it hung waiting to work. Still, compared to some betas I’ve participated in, it’s very well done.

Interested in giving it a try? You can purchase access on steam, or on humble bundle. It’s the sort of game you need more than 10 minutes to play, so I’ll be posting in-depth on it another time. If you’re curious about how my first 30 minutes went, you can find it on my twitch channel (warning, I did not learn how to cut anything down, and I died a lot. My second play was much better).