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Stick and rudder: STAR citizens began to come together

On Tuesday I woke up in the morning to install patch 1.2 star citizens. I’m not against things like insomnia; on the contrary, I put my alarm, and sure to start a large download, so it when I roll out of bed really finished.

Why not Monday, even in the patch released last week? Because I belong to Comcast’s network monopoly, there are many reasons for limiting Comcast sucks a 300 GB of my “unlimited” plan. Since the star of civil society module is up to 30 GB of download, I had to wait until Tuesday and early September start, to avoid charge!

After my epic overnight download is complete, I spent several hours playing within the newly released social networking module. Although this is clearly a rough cut of a pre-test, I think the star of citizens have started to come together.

The boy washed up on the third day. Maester Cressen had come down with the rest, to help put names to the dead. When they found the fool he was naked, his skin white and wrinkled and powdered with wet sand. Cressen had thought him another corpse, but when Jommy grabbed his ankles to drag him off to the burial wagon, the boy coughed water and sat up. To his dying day, Jommy had sworn that Patchface’s flesh was clammy cold.

Too much information
I’ve burned out of alpha and beta, in recent years, it makes me a star more encouraging citizens to get involved this week. Not that I’m looking forward to the game any less than I was in 2013 or 2014, when I hand this column once a week, but the cloud empire, helped me realize, we see how the cake is not baked As interesting is eating it. Or like Patton Oswalt once explained, “I do not care about the things that I love come from, I’m just like, I like.” I might relayed a little bit, in order to protect the innocent, but the information overload that is Why I basically checked out hardcore Star fans citizens in recent months.

There is also too much, you know? According to the title of the open development process and updates literally dozens of weekly full-time jobs, leaving little room to play games released, so I passed, I took the same approach in Star Wars: Galaxy “early testing All these years ago: I log on every few months to see things, in general, or my favorite, but I reserve the seriousness of time to play and study after the launch.

Your first step into a larger world.
Social module, called ArcCorp zone 18 in the game fictional planet landing area is definitely my favorite. This first step is the star of citizens into a larger world, if any signs of this provocative, this is how it happened is one of the world! There is not a lot to do other than explore the game, but it took me a few hours, the initial area along the catwalk and doing just wandering the back alleys.

dumperCloud Empire artists and world builders have outdone themselves; specific piece of the game perfectly reflects, when I saw this piece of concept art, has 18 districts early in 2012 the atmosphere, I am looking for a dirty, live visual panel that looks the way you would expect a high degree of industrialization and re-visit the airport to see in the 30 century.

It’s not dark and damp, the sky’s fire fantasy Blade Runner. This is not inserted – stylized -MMO- here plasticky soft environment. Rather, it is a viable, aesthetic work of people this is from the same class dirtysexy authentic empire, full-size Millennium Falcon prop counterattack Hawes hangar.

Crucially, District 18 does not look or feel like a bad ass fake digital matte painting or composite; its look and feel, including the actual pilots, businessmen, mercenaries, and hustlers of goods and sneaky skill rest, refit and refueling The actual place.

gunsTrue Chris Roberts’ long love soaking, CIG fill area 18 lore as the center of advertising, everything from spacecraft to the movement of firearms and ammunition. Similarly, there are a lot of little touches like the obvious scratches on various signage, water and garbage-strewn alleys and occasionally readable garbage puddles, and a beautiful “augmented reality display system”, which through immersive projects, such as the names of the key players of the game, although the information is not yet complete UI elements.

Oh, and try not to Squee like me, when you walk into the showroom astronomy fleet, a spit shine monument modern production spacecraft is equipped with a rotating base and M50 in a character like selling cycle through the PA system local car dealer.

However, I can run it?
Population National People’s Congress is a very rare moment, you can not really interact with the owner or security personnel today. Whether visual details on the National People’s Congres has emerged that is, the level of faces and their equipment just short of exciting.

Performance is impressive, too, even though my rig (4GHz i7 processor of 4790 and 8 GB of RAM and a couple GTX970s’s) is not exactly the forefront of. According to Fraps, and I have never fallen below 30 per second, even if I maxed out all the graphics settings.

Press within ArcCorp F12 brings a basic chat box, you will up to 24 other players in the local channel shared this first release stage. You can look in several different armor press F6 period, CIG includes some / emotes as well. Avatar customization is currently non-existent, although the universe to explain the persistence of director Tony · Zurovec last week after its launch, social module is really just a game at this point, the rest of the base.

UPA solid foundation
CIG program through different business modules launched from a shared hangar space to simulate a game group agreed to upgrade to the current social function modules, not to mention avatar customization options.

Perhaps I was walking through the social module most gratifying is that this is just the vastness of the universe, the stars of citizens in a small part of the knowledge. CIG has made fun of another version of the landing zone layout and significantly different from the 18 area I want to visit dozens of different planets hundreds of remote star system visualization environments, all with this level of detail and wrapped flight SIM FPS trick card core with the ground and sand economic, frankly it makes me feel a star citizen in the hype of the facts.

SMITE Officially Launches On XBox One August 19th

Hi-Rez Studios has been positioning themselves to hit the gaming world by storm. The developer had just recently announced a new shooter, Paladins, and their flagship MOBA, SMITE, will be launching on XBox One in less than a week. With the possibility of a complete MOBA monopoly on console, this could introduce a whole new audience of gamers to the MOBA genre.

Players will also be able to merge their XBox One and PC accounts, as well as picking up the XBox One Founder’s pack which includes all present and future gods and more. The XBox One version is scheduled to release on August 19th.

You can check out the official announcement here.



It’s been seven months to this day since Guild Wars 2 launched somewhat rocky in August 2012, and ever since players have argued just how much genre evolution has in fact taken place with this title. How much has GW2 truly pushed MMO design forward? Over half a year later there is more meat to such analysis.

I will never forget the heated discussions preceding this launch or some of the emotions flying high in the blogosphere. Hardly ever do unreleased games invoke such passionate argument between nay- and yay-fronts. Arenanet’s bold statements and promises for GW2 managed to provoke even the most level-headed genre veterans. So, you are talking of better days?- Well, you better prove it! Any developer can wax lyrical over their unreleased product of course. Yet, here and there this recent twitter observation rang true: “Pessimism is the natural state of the MMO gamer.” We like to complain a lot – but oh, beware of promising us improvement! If it sounds too good to be true that’s probably because it isn’t.

Or was it? Scary is taking the opportunity today to muse on the state of GW2 and what he is thankful for to ANet. Personally, I concur that there is much that GW2 has done for me and that I believe will shape MMOs to come. Seven months later, it is still part of my weekly MMO diet. There are also things however that did not turn out as well as I had hoped. So, while this is by all means an appreciation topic, I will cover all bases in a short recap.

I think it’s safe to say that WvW did not deliver on my personal Alterac Valley dreams. Others have already analyzed in great detail all that went wrong in ANet’s three-faction PvP conflict model, preventing it from becoming a source of constant, passionate strife and server pride. As much as I wanted to engage in WvW, even after joining a PvP guild and seeing my server hit #1 on the EU ladder, my flame for this part of the game was sadly never kindled.

I have recently commented on why I feel let down by the subtle change from GW2’s open world no-grind (or at least missing item-centricity) premise, to what has become an endless grind for gear, tokens and daily achievements. ANet feeling pressured to re-introduce these features in lieu of non-existent endgame is probably my biggest GW2 qualm right now, closely followed by their lack of preparing an ingame grouping tool or at least global channel. While player initiatives such as gw2lfg are laudable, I am still at utter disbelief over this.

Other than that, the biggest surprise would be the miss-happen (under-)usage of the item store and inane approach to cosmetic gear (town clothes /eyeroll). If there’s a thing I expected this MMO to do well, it would’ve been cosmetics. But browsing the shop seven months later, one could think ANet do not actually want our money, much to their loss.

Leaving a mark on the MMO map

In spite of few serious short-comings, I consider GW2 a smashing success – and over 2 million box sales are not what I’m referring to. There is no doubt in my mind that GW2 did achieve some of the most important innovations and changes that it originally set out to do. This will and already has had impact on games yet to come.

So, in the spirit of appreciation day, here’s what I thank ANet for:

For proving once and for all, despite all doubt and suspicion, that MMOs can feature classic combat without role restrictions and holy trinity. I always believed in this particular feature and wasn’t let down.
For introducing a score of varied outdoor events and revolutionizing the fetch&delivery grind of mainstream MMOs.
For featuring an active MMO combat with exciting weapon combinations that feel different for every class.
For breaking up level progression and keeping to a flat leveling curve.
For de-cluttering the MMO UI and keeping a small health bar.
For a high level of gear customization in terms of armor dyes.
For curvy Norn ladies with proper booty and some of the most consistent, achieved race design in Charr, Asura and Sylvari.
For massive outdoor dragon encounters (even if they could be more difficult)
And last but far from least: the most stunning, beautiful, inspiring and shamelessly magical MMO world and aesthetic up to date – on land as much as under water. If that wasn’t enough, you also got Jeremy Soule to seal the deal and irrevocably hook you to the wonder that is Tyria.

I’ve seen some discussions of late on why graphics don’t matter and how we should return to pixels because that made for better games; I couldn’t disagree more. Graphics are not what makes or breaks an MMO – but give me a great game with GW2’s graphics and vividness on top and I remain your faithful customer forever more. Accomplished design and sound effects are the delicious sugar on every MMO cake.
Which of the above accomplishments do I suspect to have the greatest impact? No doubt we’ll see increased grouping freedom in future MMOs. Roles will likely return in both Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online, but never again to the extent and inflexibility of past trinity-based AAA-titles.
More active combat is already here; we can see it in Tera and all bigger releases of 2013 feature it in one shape or form. I wouldn’t credit GW2 for this trend too much but its arrival has marked a new era of less formulaic MMO combat. That said, one can still improve on the zerg.

By far the biggest influence of GW2 lies in ANet’s revamped questing and dynamic event model (and yeah, I still call’em dynamic). Probably the most dramatic shift for me personally, GW2 has set a standard that future, western MMOs simply cannot afford to overlook. I can forgive fedex questing in LOTRO – never again though will I settle for a new MMO setting me on an uninspired kill-ten-rats routine. Thank you Arenanet for showing us what can be done!

I’m sure much more could be said for other aspects of GW2, such as crafting or the much debated personal storyline. I leave it to others to judge such matters as I lack the required focus and expertise. I realize too, this didn’t turn out to be such a short recap after all. I trust my readers will forgive me. The short version is that GW2 is the best thing coming my way since World of Warcraft and while being far from perfect, it hasn’t let me down on my biggest hopes and wishes. And for that I raise my hat to Arenanet.

Batman: Arkham Knight May Not Be Fixed On PC Until September

Rocksteady Studio’s final entry into the Arkham universe finally launched last month and while fans and critics have agreed that Batman: Arkham Knight is an excellent and worthwhile title on consoles, the PC version has been anything but wonderful. Suffering from various issues ranging from framerate struggles to more severe issues like audio glitches, gameplay stuttering, and even having the title crash to the desktop. As gamers later found out, it wasn’t actually Rocksteady who developed the PC version as Warner Bros. ported out development tasks to a third-party studio.

For fans eagerly awaiting a resolution to the myriad of issues the PC version is currently facing, the wait may be longer than originally expected.

In an internal email sent to EB Games Australia employees, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight won’t be ready for release until the Australian Spring season. Considering that the seasons are essentially flipped in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, this would put the time frame roughly from the next two months, all the way to a possible November.

“As previously advised, we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game. The latest information from Warner is that the updates won’t be available until Spring. Due to this we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released.”

As Rocksteady continues to address the various issues, the delay in an acceptable fix is major enough that the local stores have deemed it necessary to perform a full recall in order to send them back to the vendor. That’s pretty telling with how bad the situation actually is.

The issues plaguing the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight have proven to be so bad that Warner Bros. was forced to suspend all sales of the title on the PC platform and are issuing out refunds to players who purchased the game. Fans disappointed with the end product have also been utilizing Steam’s new refund policy to return the game for a refund which is fortunate as the service had just launched a few weeks prior. Even a lousy temporary fix offered by Rocksteady has not placated fans.

The PC version unfortunately wasn’t the only blemish for the game’s release, as the PlayStation 4 version also had a glitch that prevented the leaderboards from working as originally intended. While it’s not nearly close to the bugs that are currently hammering the PC version, it certainly does not do any favors to the brand especially after a rougher than expected launch. Thankfully, PS4 players have seen this issue resolved fairly quickly by Rocksteady as their attention turned towards fixing the PC title.

Have you given up on Batman: Arkham Knight completely or simply stored it away in favor of other games until a fix is ready?


Global Chat: Die, DPS meters, die!

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you sick of damage meters ruining your life? Do you rebel against the virtual man by questioning such long-established gaming tropes as levels? Then have we got the column for you!

In our last community blog round-up of the year, we’ve collected some fine pieces of discussion, debate, and introspection — not to mention a first impression or two to tide you over until 2015. We’ve also got an essay about the joy of healing, what it’s like to play an MMO as a bear, going back to the Isle of Refuge, and more!
1. Alt:ernative: Living by numbers

Alt:ernative’s lengthy rant against the tyranny of damage meters and how they limit player choice and suck the fun out of dungeon runs is one that has many in the blogging community standing up to cheer. The blind adherence to big numbers and optimal specs has caused a major rift in the game, this article argues.

“The one stat Blizzard can never affect is preference,” Alt:ernative writes. “It doesn’t matter in the end what order you stick specs in, you’ll always find someone who’ll buck the trend, whose ability is good enough to transcend the restrictions numbers put upon them.”

2. The Mystical Mesmer: Level spam can die in a ditch

Let’s keep the attack on established MMO game mechanics going, shall we? The debate over why and whether MMOs need levels in this day and age and whether they’re beneficial to such games is at the centerpiece of this post. What’s interesting to me is that she obviously likes the leveling process but sees it as blown out of proportion in most games.

I’ll let the Mesmer sum up her conundrum: “Now, I’m not saying that MMOs have to get rid of levels because I don’t want them to become a catalyst for the potential resurgence of my full-blown addiction to personal power progression or a drain on my wallet as I end up purchasing powered-up characters. I’m saying that I’d prefer that the MMOs that I play have fewer, more meaningful levels.”
3. Occasional Hero: The appeal of healing

I’m not always a healer in MMOs, but when I have gone down that road, I’ve always enjoyed it. Maybe it’s being a hero from the back line whose sole job is to save lives rather than take them. Maybe I like green bars and sparkly lights.

For ChaosConstant, it’s many factors but mostly the feeling of being desired in a group: “It’s also nice to feel needed. I’ve never been immediately kicked out of a pickup group as a healer […] Healers, however, are something of a rare commodity. They’re usually willing to at least give you a shot before kicking you out (one wipe and you’re probably out the door, but that’s different).”

4. Gaming Conversations: LotRO Beorning class first impressions

The new Beorning shapeshifting class in Lord of the Rings Online was one of the biggest additions to the game in 2014, and Braxwolf has a lot to say about test driving a bear through Middle-earth. All in all, it really sounds as though he likes it, even though he has a few reservations.

“I think overall, the launch of the Beorning has been a bit of a boon for LotRO,” he said. “I see renewed interest within YouTube and among the community that I haven’t noticed since prior to the Helm’s Deep expansion.”
5. Clean Casuals: EQ2: Returning to the Isle of Refuge

What’s it like when an MMO turns a beloved intro zone into player housing? A heaping of nostalgia, that’s what. Maybe you can’t go back again, but Arwyn discovers that in EverQuest II, you can at least visit it in a new way.

“I had the place memorized,” she writes, “and was surprised how much about it, the encounters and quests, I still do remember. I rarely left that island without making sure I had the two gathering quests completed! Oh, what a pain!”

6. Superior Realities: Skyforge: I want to believe

I’ve noticed that Skyforge has managed to attract the attention of several forward-looking players and has been generating some interest. Tyler is cautiously optimistic about what he’s seen so far concerning this sci-fi title — the key word there being “cautiously.”

“Another tidbit that has popped up in my research for this post is that content will supposedly scale up to your character’s level, much as in Guild Wars 2, which is also welcome news,” Tyler said. “So taken altogether, that’s very nearly my MMO wishlist summed up in a single title, minus only a strong commitment to story.”

7. Harbinger Zero: The failure of HEX

I don’t know much of what’s going on with this MMOTCG, but Harbinger Zero seems to, and he’s none too happy with the state of HEX’s development as of late. His main issue is that so many of the game’s MMO mechanics simply aren’t there.

“A year after backers got their first taste of alpha, and now well into the game’s open beta, not a single one of these advertised features is available,” he writes. “The end result is that we have no idea when — or at this point if — any of the promises that were made to backers, many of whom dropped significant amounts of money on this game, will become reality.”


Torment: Tides of Numenera video looks at the Ninth World


With Pillars of Eternity out, it’s about time for Torment: Tides of Numenera to start taking more of the Kickstarted RPG spotlight.

In case you’ve forgotten – and who could blame you? – Torment: Tides of Numenera is the Kickstarted RPG that’s been promised as a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment. That’s quite a big deal, as Planescape: Torment is one of the most special and unique RPGs I’ve ever seen.

Tides of Numenera is taking up its mantle by focusing on characters and plot more than combat and loot acquisition, and it also looks to be set in a truly bizarre world with its own set of strange laws… which, fittingly, is what the video below is all about.

Torment: Tides of Numenera was initially aimed at release in winter this year, but as the official site currently states that alpha systems and beta tests are scheduled for 2015, I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual game itself doesn’t appear until 2016. Frankly, I’m happy to wait as long as it’s good.

How to Use Improved Looting in Runescape at


Glad to see you at again, today’s topic is how to use improved looting in runescape. With a alone click, accompany up the new, customisable boodle window and grab aggregate in the surrounding breadth that meets your criteria. This has the abeyant to decidedly change how you play, so we’ve accustomed you the advantage to use old-style looting, if you prefer. The bigger annexation mechanics are switched on by default, and you can customise them through the Game Settings interface. If you’d rather stick to the old boodle mechanics, this is aswell breadth you can toggle them off. Simply left-click a section of boodle and the new annexation interface will open. It will accumulate and affectation all boodle that you’re acceptable to aces up.

Then, you can bang alone items to alteration them to your backpack, or bang ‘Loot All’ to grab everything. To customise the Boodle interface, aboriginal go to the Game Settings interface, again bang the new ‘Loot Options’ button. This enables you to toggle the boodle interface absolutely (default on), toggle breadth annexation (default off) and toggle right-click activation of the Boodle interface (default off). This is aswell breadth you can set up custom boodle criteria. This lets you set a minimum bread amount and assorted categories – ‘herblore items,’ ‘prayer items,’ etc. – which can be ticked in any aggregate you wish. Selecting any of these will add a ‘Loot Custom’ button to the Boodle interface, which will aces up any items which accommodated the belief you’ve set. Note that the Boodle interface cannot be acclimated in a lot of minigames, and that breadth annexation requires band of afterimage to the account in question. Also, assertive items – such as those accurately accompanying to quests – cannot be best up through the Boodle interface. You can aces up any such items in the old way by right-clicking them, as continued as right-click activation is angry off.

AION Refinances two Florida Apartment Assets

NGKF Capital Markets arranged $33.45 million in financing for two AION Partners multifamily properties: Serrano, a 192-unit garden-style apartment community located in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Park Plaza, a 234-unit apartment complex located in Miami Gardens, Fla.

The loans allowed for the repayment of the existing debt, as well as provide funds to allow the borrower to continue to make improvements to the properties and realize future value. The loans are floating rate with interest only periods.

Serrano offers a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans while over 85% are large two-bedroom units, which is unique to the competitive set and the overall submarket. All units offer full size washer/dryers, balconies/private patios, walk-in closets, and are situated in a park-like setting featuring extremely low density (approximately 8 units/acre). Also available to residents is covered parking, a resort-style pool, a recently upgraded fitness facility, and an onsite leasing office with business center.

Park Plaza offers a mix of efficient one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. Each unit is furnished with unique architectural designs and offers fully equipped kitchens, ceramic tile entries and walk-in closets. Property amenities include a fitness facility, onsite laundry facility, onsite leasing office and clubroom with a full kitchen. The property is situated in a densely populated area in the northern part of Miami-Dade County and is strategically located within ½ mile of the Golden Glades Interchange, a nexus of five highways and major roads (U.S. Route 441, Florida’s Turnpike, the Palmetto Expressway, SR 9 and I-95). The location provides tenants with virtually unmatched vehicular access to any part of Southeast Florida.

“AION acquired Serrano and Park Plaza in 2010 and, since taking control of the assets, it has strategically reinvested capital to not only renovate and improve the units, but also upgrade many of the common area amenities, thus enhancing the overall tenant living experience,” said Maury Zanoff, a vice chairman with NGKF Capital Markets. “As a result, AION has increased and maintained occupancy levels at 95%+ during its period of ownership.

“AION’s experience and success in the market combined with its institutional quality management and maintenance of both properties were compelling factors for lenders, which ultimately led to offers with the most flexible terms and rate in this competitively bid process.”

The Washington, D.C.-based team of Mr. Zanoff, Joe Donato, Matt Williams and Jamie Leachman arranged the financing.

Fero’s Guide Review

Since Rift is released into the MMORPG world, many players are captivated with the new playing system that allows player to switch your class on the fly. There’re four callings in Rift (you can also call it ‘souls’ or ‘classes’) which are Rogue, Mage, Warrior and Cleric. If you are a gamer who prefers to have a calm-and-silent-yet-stealthy-and-deadly looking character. Rogue would suit you the most. On the other hand, if you are a gamer who likes aggressive and fiercely looking character. Warrior is for you. And due to the complexity of this new system in Rift, many people prefer to use a guide.

There are many Rift guides available in the market. Most of them are created by the pro-gamer who spend a lot of time playing the Rift since it’s beta. Fero’s Guide is one of the guide publisher that I recommend.

Their guide provides the step by step instructions on how to go up to level 50 in less than a week. Rest assure that the guide is full of proven strategies and tips. With this guide, you can optimize your time and never stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time or wasting your time with the wrong quest again.

Another important thing in playing MMORPG is to have a massive amount of Gold (Platinum) in your pocket. You need a lot of golds to buy superior items or even prettier outfits. If you can make heaps of gold that means you can purchase any items you want, and of course, it would benefit your playing game. All of the strategies or secret tactics you need to know to gain lots of gold is there in Fero’s Guide.

Fero’s Guide is a downloadable PDF and always being updated. You can easily login to a member area and download it all the time, of course, it’s free of charge!

World of Warcraft Column: Waiting for Draenor


First, here’s what we know about the release of Warlords: When the pre-orders went live for the Warlords of Draenor expansion it was the first confirmation that the expansion would release sometime in the fall. For just about every WoW player this news was a giant bummer. Most of us were assuming we’d have a summer release of the next expansion but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, there is one thing we need to be mindful of: It has been confirmed that in the weeks leading up to the expansion there will be some sort of in-game launch event so this means we could be seeing new content as soon as September, if not earlier. Now, on to five things you can do in WoW to prepare and bide time until the expansion hits. advertisement 1. Challenge Mode Dungeons The Challenge Mode dungeons are a good way to spend your time waiting for Warlords. The Challenge Mode Dungeons will test your skills and allow you to earn awesome transmog gear for your characters. The Challenge Mode is essentially a race to complete specific heroic dungeons as fast as possible attempting to earn bronze, silver and gold medals. In this mode, all gear is equalized to ilvl 463 so your gear can’t carry you. If you’re able to collect a gold medal in each dungeon, you’ll be able to acquire awesome looking gear with unique spell effects. You’ll want to be sure you complete these challenges as they will no longer be available once the expansion hits! 2. Pet Battles The pet battle system is practically a game of its own and if you haven’t spent much time with it, give it a shot. Even if you don’t want to battle, you can still try the collecting aspect by finding them in the wild or as drops from older bosses – it’s a fun reward for delving back into older content. This applies for any mounts that drop from bosses as well. If you are into battling with your pets, the Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle is a great way to test your abilities and also acquire the four exclusive celestial pets. In order to participate in the tournament, you’ll need 15 max-level pets. If you’re just starting out this may seem daunting but don’t forget that with a few high level pets you can find higher level pets in the world, capture them and only need to level them a few levels before they hit the max-level of 25. 3. Toy and Heirloom Collecting For all the players who suffer from lack of inventory space due to a massive collection of toys, vanity items and heirloom gear, here is some good news: in Warlords there will be a new toy and heirloom item management system. Soon all these items will become account bound and accessible from any of your characters and the best part is these items will no longer consume our precious inventory slots. Instead, they will be accessed from their own type of inventory that resembles a players spell and ability book. Here is what the Heirloom inventory looked like when it was shown at BlizzCon: 4. Finish Legendary Questline Mists of Pandaria introduced an expansion-long Legendary quest chain in which players will ultimately earn a Legendary cloak specific to their class among many other rewards along the way. Buy cheap wow gold. The Black Prince puts you on this lengthy journey when you hit level 90 that sends you into dungeons, scenarios, raids and some battlegrounds. Not only does the cloak look cool but it’ll also give you an edge when leveling in Warlords. If that’s not enough of a reason to set out on this quest then perhaps the storyline will be enough to nudge you out the door. There seem to be many discussions about what story hooks have been planted and where they will lead as we move into the next “era” of World of Warcraft. 5. Brawlers Guild I’ve spent a ton of time in the Brawlers Guild and really hope we see this type of feature in the next expansion. The Brawlers Guild is where players attempt to rank up within the guild by taking on increasingly more difficult solo PvE encounters. By climbing high enough you’ll be able to earn a variety of vanity items, titles and an exclusive mount. Many players have dipped their toes into this feature but I really implore you to take on the challenge and really see how well you can do. It’s also a great way to meet new players as you spectate and cheer on strangers. How do you plan on spending your time in WoW before Warlords of Draenor releases? Let us know in the comments below! Follow me on Twitter @rezalackey This week’s throwback item: Guise of the Devourer Heartstone card of the week: Dread Corsair Further Warcraft reading: BlizzCon 2014, Warlords Release & More The Best Tank Classes in WoW Reza Lackey / Reza is a giant nerd who loves video games, board games, film and way too many other things. Works in the film industry, on some startups and thinks science is cool. Also launches rockets.